LIVE: Polka Fest

It's a veritable polka-palooza, and it's coming up.

Break out the floor wax and roll out the beer barrel, because Polka Fest is this weekend, and it’s one of the biggest draws in the region for festival-goers from all over the country.

It got its start a mere six years ago in Hankinson, North Dakota, and now it’s attracting dancers from 21 different states from all over the country, as well as some of the country’s top polka acts.

But what does it take to put on a polkapalooza that really puts the air in the old accordion, so to speak?

A lot of planning, a lot of cooperation, and a lot of very pointed advice from dedicated festivalgoers, according to Polka Fest’s Beth Tiegs.

The first hour, they insisted the floor be freshly waxed, she said.

Following the first year, they requested lighter snacks on hand so as not to weigh down the dancers.

“One year we counted people from 19 different states all there just for the dancing,” she said.

Don’t miss the beer, full menu and Polish-style fun starting at the three-day, two-dance floor festival in Hankinson this weekend.

And don’t forget your dancing shoes.


6th Annual Polka Fest

Thursday, June 6th, 7-11 PM

Friday, June 7th & Saturday, June 8th 11 AM-11PM

Downtown Hankinson, ND


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