Growing Together Gardens Begin Selling Produce Through October

There are six locations

FARGO, N.D. — Now you can get all the produce you want while also getting to know the people around you at six different community gardens.

“Growing Together” Community Gardens will sell all their goodies from three to six every Tuesday through October.

Founders say they started the community garden 13 years ago but it has quickly spread to several other locations.

Gardens are located on 25th Street South, at West Acres, Rabanus Park, LLS, Charism and Catalyst Medical Center.

“Gardening is very healthy, number one. And I think if you go into the grocery stores, you’ll find your tomatoes are $3 and $4 a pound. They’re very expensive so I think that coming here, like when we get into the middle of August, our volunteers will be going home with probably 10-15 pounds of tomatoes each week,” said Jack Wood, a co-founder of the gardens.

Community members come out to help garden the 25th Street location every Thursday night.

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