Murder, Arson Suspect Blames Media for “Printing Lies” as Judge Sets Bail

44-year-old Sheldon Davis' next scheduled court appearance is for his preliminary hearing on September 5

FARGO, N.D. — 44-year-old Sheldon Davis is charged in the death of 52-year-old Denise Anderson, his on and off girlfriend. He’s also charged with then setting a North Fargo apartment on fire.

Davis is being held on a one-million-dollar bond.

According to court documents, Davis previously told a friend he thought about killing Anderson. They also say he went to that same friend on the morning of August 1st and told him that he “did something bad.”

Police found Anderson’s same apartment on 417 12th Street North that was on fire. Officers said she died of traumatic injuries before the blaze. Davis is charged with murder, arson and endangering by fire.

Prosecutors asked Judge Tristan Van de Streek to set bail at two-million dollars because of his long rap sheet in Georgia and South Carolina, where he was arrested for criminal domestic violence in the ’90s. Davis was also convicted of terrorizing in Cass County back in 2013. At one point, Davis yelled at the judge before blaming the media.

“Printing out way too much, a bunch of lies. I think you should give me a reasonable bail,” Davis said.

Davis has talked with several media outlets about the case, including KVRR. He says he is innocent and also added he did not know about the fire or Anderson’s death until the Thursday afternoon.

Davis says he met Anderson eight months ago but lately their relationship was rocky.

Anderson’s son Nick Berlin says his mother sent him text messages at the end of June that showed her bruises.
It was followed by the text “Sheldon almost killed me last night.” After that, Berlin says he told Davis to “stay away” from his mother.

Davis’ preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 5.

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