City of Fargo Implements New “Delayed Call” Shoplifting Policy

The policy is directed toward retail stores who have store security officers and use multiple cameras.

Fargo, N.D.–The City of Fargo has adopted a new policy intended to strengthen criminal prosecution of those who shoplift from retail stores in Fargo.

The policy states that retail stores filing shoplifting reports must include the name of a witness or witnesses who can identify the suspect in a court of law and must provide any video evidence in a format that is compatible with the system used in the courtroom.

The policy is directed toward retail stores in the city of Fargo who have store security officers (also known as loss prevention officers) and use multiple cameras to monitor the sales floor in their stores.

One of the purposes of the policy is to inform retail stores that while video evidence can be a powerful tool in making a shoplifting case, it usually does not constitute the entirety of proof needed.

The new policy is not applicable to shoplifters who are caught in the act, nor does the policy apply to residential or motor vehicle thefts or to business thefts.

Shoplifters caught in the act of theft will still face legal responsibility. Fargo Police will still file reports for delayed calls regarding motor vehicle, residential and other thefts. The policy change does not pertain to personal property theft.

Residents are encouraged to continue reporting suspected thefts to police who will record and investigate reported non-retail thefts in the same manner as before.

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