LIVE: Out of the Darkness Walk

Finding a little light to lead your way out of the darkness.

It’s a difficult subject, and a dark place to find yourself in.

And strange as it may seem, to some people, talking about suicidal thoughts and mental health struggles may be almost as scary as actually going through them.

That’s why, for years now, the activists from Out of the Darkness Fargo-Moorhead area walk have been working to save lives and raise suicide awareness throughout the metro.

It’s a monumental effort each year to approach people about the walk and recruit them for the fundraising effort. So far this year they’ve raised more than $78,000 for the cause.

And those efforts are even more daunting when you realize that many of the people who work on the walk every year do so because the tragedy of suicide has touched the lives of people they love.

Tristan Ross is one of those people.

He and fellow activist Sam Bruers sat down live in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about why suicide is still such a major public health risk to our region, what stumbling blocks still remain in opening the dialogue, and what you can do to help someone you think may be at risk.

Out of the Darkness Fargo-Moorhead Walk

Sunday, September 15th

12-4 PM

Scheels Arena

5225 31st Ave S, Fargo, North Dakota 58104




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