LIVE: Creepies & Co.

Creeping it real on the Morning Show.

What better way to wake up on a beautiful October morning than with several thousand bugs staring hungrily back at you?

Halloween or not, for Kari Sunderland, that’s exactly how every morning can go at her Davenport, ND-based business, Creepies & Co.

Sunderland started her bug-farming when a chicken of hers needed better nutrition.

Live prey is great for a lot of animals, and the mealworms perked up her appetite, Sunderland said.

But then the whole flock wanted in on the yummy fresh-bug action, and that got expensive.

Soon she was breeding the mealworms, and found herself with an oversupply.

So she started giving them to friends who had pets who were hungry for fresh meat too, and a business was born.

She was scared at first to handle bugs – but she got over it and says you can too.

Sunderland brought some of her livestock for us to meet on the Morning Show for Ghoul Morning coverage, live in studio.

Even better, she brought her adorable gecko Avery and her sweet-natured Bearded Dragon Baloo along with her to demonstrate the kind of animals who benefit from fresh bug snacks.

Along with Sunderland’s hamster, they showed us how valuable insects can be for pets and humans, and gave us a little lesson on handling the more misunderstood creatures in our life.

Sunderland and her animals will be at this weekend’s Fargo Exotic Pet Expo so you can learn all about them in person yourself.

Fargo Exotic Pet Expo 2019

Red River Valley Fairgrounds

Hartl Ag Building

Saturday, 10-4 PM

1805 Main Ave W, West Fargo, North Dakota 58078

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