LIVE: Kids and Fear

How to strike the right balance between fright and frolic for your child.

Halloween is supposed to be scary, but there’s one thing every parent fears this time of year: a child who’s been truly traumatized by what’s supposed to be Halloween fun.

It can be anything from a movie that’s too intense for a teen, a commercial that’s too creepy for a child, a haunted house that keeps haunting even when the lights are back on, even a store aisle full of Halloween decorations that’s unsettling for toddlers.

Fortunately, there are ways parents can minimize exposure to media that’s inappropriate for their kids, and mitigate the fears once their children start showing symptoms of real mental distress.

Child therapist RaeAnn Kaczmarski, of the Village Family Services, joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about how to gauge what kind of spooks, specters and haunts your child can handle, how to spot the warning signs of Halloween holiday stress in your child, and how to help them if they are exposed to too much Halloween at once.

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