Bismarck Staple Big Boy is Back in Fargo

Big Boy is in Fargo for the second time this year

FARGO, N.D. — Big Boy has set up their food truck outside Fargo Brewing Company.

The first time the truck came this year lines were around the block.

Some people say they even had to wait for as long as three and a half hours for their order.

With the popularity of their first visit, Big Boy decided to make their second trip two days and they plan on many more trips to Fargo in the future.

“We spent the first summer kind of getting all the kinks out, making sure that we knew how to run everything properly. So next year our intention is more to go around the state,” says manager Jenny Mathews.

Big Boy will be at Fargo Brewing until tomorrow night.

They plan to make monthly stops in Fargo next summer.

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