LIVE: Glamour Ghouls

Makeup that can enchant anyone.

Halloween is a time when you really want to knock ’em dead, whether your look is freaky, fun or purely fabulous.

But when it comes time to head out on the Halloween town, if you want your look to slay, there are some things you need to remember.

Your makeup job has got to survive the evening’s festivities, and it needs to show up well at night.

And if it’s not too expensive, elaborate, or time-consuming to create, even better.

That’s where Dr. Wasifa Ahmed Hasan comes in.

The Red-River-region based dental surgeon-turned-makeup-artist runs the makeup blog “Sifa’s Corner,” and she’s got a few makeup tricks to share on Monday’s Ghoul Morning.

They’re both trending right now, and neither of them uses a huge number of products to get the look you want.

Best of all, they’re both family-friendly, so the little ghoul or boy in your life who wants a fierce and fabulous Halloween makeup look can get made up without too much time in the makeup chair.

Watch the video for a demonstration, and don’t forget to check out Sifa’s Corner for more glamorous makeup tips to try at home.

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