LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Topaz (Again)

A shining treasure who's yet to be discovered.

Topaz is a treasure that’s so far remained unclaimed.

The three-year-old cat cat came in to Adopt A Pet, from an area reservation, with a litter of several tiny kittens. She and one of her sons were featured on Pet Connection several months ago.

All but one of the babies has been adopted out, but Topaz remains in foster care.

It’s surprising, said Adopt A Pet’s Debra Bartelt, because while kittens are very cute, Topaz is an exceptionally sweet cat.

She’s free of behavioral and health issues, has a calm and affectionate disposition even in scary new situations, and gets along well with other cats and with dogs.

She even likes to go for rides in the car, and would be a great companion for anyone who likes to do road trips.

If you didn’t check out Topaz the first time, make sure you take a closer look this time around.

If this unfairly overlooked jewel of a cat is the one for you, you can find out more information about her through this link, here.

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