Girl Scouts Help Dogs Find Homes

Troop 30315 is making dog toys for Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue shelter

FARGO, N.D. — Two Dakota Horizons Girl Scouts in Fargo are aiming to make a difference in the community by helping a few dogs find homes.

The 10–year–olds, along with help from family and friends, spent the day making 150 dog toys to be donated to the Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue shelter at a “Meet and Greet” event.

The chew toys are made out of water bottles, socks and ropes.

The scouts say the end goal is to have all five dogs from the event adopted.

Kyrabella Plante says, “The dogs get to interact with the humans more instead of just being with one person and they get to be with other people, and then other people can think about adopting them.”

“Even if they aren’t humans, every animal deserves a home,” says Genevieve Nygard.

They hope that through this project, they’ll receive the Girl Scouts Bronze Award, given to those who make a difference in their community.

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