LIVE: Aptitude and the Holiday Art Markets

See the beauty of the season through an artist's eyes.

If you’re looking to put an artful spin on your holiday spaces, it’s time to head to the mall.

The new Holiday Art Markets are opening this weekend for the first time in the new arts-dedicated space in the West Acres Mall, Aptitude, and it’s your chance to get an inside look at the holiday season through an artist’s eyes.

The event promises a major selection of works from the region’s artists, including photography, painting, ceramics, jewelry, printmaking and more.

You can talk with the artists about the process and the meaning behind their works, and maybe even see some of them creating some of it there on the spot.

The Arts Partnership’s Ethan Mickelson and photographer Scott Seiler joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio to talk about the work that goes into the big opening day of the Holiday Art Markets and why so much of the art you’ll see at the Markets is so personal to each and every one of the artists.

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