LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Petunia

A sweet little flower that will make your heart bloom with love.

This Thanksgiving, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for on the Morning Show.

One of the biggest reasons is that we’re introducing you to a brand new local pet rescue organization for our Pet Connection Thursdays.

Petunia, a guinea pig, is the first pet we’re sharing from Kritter Krazy Animal Assistance Exotic and Reptile Rescue.

She came in with her rescue worker, Tasha Gorentz, to show us just how many non-dog and -cat rescues take place every day in the Fargo metro community.

Petunia is one of four guinea pigs who’s currently looking for her forever home in the care of Kritter Krazy, and she’s one of the most laid-back guinea pigs around.

She’s very cuddly and talkative, and doesn’t mind being picked up and carried around.

Her ideal day is just to sit on the couch and cuddle and watch TV with you, Gorentz said.

It’s important to make sure you know how to properly care for a guinea pig, including getting a veterinarian who specializes in the species.

Any animal who isn’t a dog or cat is often considered an exotic by veterinarians, so make sure you have a vet who knows what your animal needs for care.

Gorentz said her rescue has been inundated over the past six months with a lot of lizards, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and snakes who need forever homes.

If you’d like more information about sweet Petunia, check out the link to Kritter Krazy’s Facebook page, here.

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