LIVE: Plenty Of Time To Train For Fargo Marathon

2020 Fargo Marathon Is Four Months Away


We’ve been highlighting the health benefits of running a marathon, including new research that says a marathon can lower your vascular age by up to four years by improving the elasticity of your arteries.

Well, we’re four months from this year’s Fargo Marathon, and race director Mark Knutson says that’s plenty of time to train for 26.2 miles.

He recommends finding other runners to join with to train. Having friends on the course helps keep you motivated to train.

Knutson says you can find training programs easily online.

He does caution against pushing yourself too hard. He says a slow, steady progress is the best way to train for a marathon.

He also talked about a new era for the Fargo Marathon.

He sold the event last year to the company Rugged Races, which organizes races across the country.

Knutson will stay on as race director.

He says their resources should be able to recruit more runners from outside the region to come run in Fargo.

The 16th annual Sanford Fargo Marathon is May 9th.

If you want to join in any of the marathon week races, click here to find out how.

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