LIVE: Winter Warriors

Weather making you a little nuts? Get into a sport where crazy comes in handy.

We’ve hit the doldrums of winter, a time when day after day of below-zero temps, cloudy skies, deep snow and early sunsets can leave you feeling fairly stir-crazy.

Put it to good use.

The Winter Warriors games are coming to Frostival for the first time this winter, and all that stored-up silliness and pent-up athletic energy is just what you need to win big.

You can make yourself into a human curling stone and slide to victory in a game of Human Curling, channel your inner pool shark in a game of Human Pool, or drag your opponents to their doom in a slick and slippery game of Tug of Winter (think tug-of-war, but both teams do their pulling on ice).

And you can wind yourself up on an 8-man team in Yukigassen, a popular Japanese sport that combines capture the flag with snowball fighting.

The Morning Show’s Emily Welker headed out live in the field to get a crash course in some of these wacky winter games from the Fargo Park District’s Jessica Korynta and to find out everything you need to know about this Uniquely Fargo take on why winter can be the weirdest and most wonderful time of the year.

Winter Warriors Games

January 25th

Edgewood Golf Course

19 Golf Course Avenue North, Fargo

12-4 PM




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