West Fargo VFW Hosts Super Bowl Party

Fans cheered on the Chiefs and 49ers in Super Bowl 54

WEST FARGO, N.D. — People packed into West Fargo’s VFW to watch the biggest Sunday night in sports television.

Eric Jorgenson, who helps keep the place running on such a busy night, says it takes a lot of work.

“So as you can see a brand new building, doesn’t look like your average VFW, we changed our liquor license back in June so minors can join us too so we can be more apart of the community in the first place as we have for many years now, General Manager Of West Fargo VFW Eric Jorgenson said.

A big draw for people stopping on in is the giveaway of NFL gear and tickets for a Vikings game next season.

“So with the closed event, it was 20 bucks to get in but you got all the apps free drink and you get and were going to be giving away a Vikings package where we give away two tickets to a Vikings game and we will pay for the hotel too,” Jorgenson said.

Jorgenson, a former North Dakota Army National Guardsmen who was deployed into Germany, Haiti and Iraq, says having the VFW means a lot to vets and the community.

“Ya know, it gives me something to do, but you also see the importance of the work that you do. The more profitable the business here is the more we can give back to the community as a VFW,” Jorgenson said.

Hapala, who is a Vietnam Veteran, shows up for Super Bowl Sunday for more about the camaraderie than the game.

“Well, ya know, the game, sorry my team isn’t in it so I’m not really worried about it,” National Council of Administration Of The VFW James Hapala said.

Although it’s the Chiefs taking on the 49ers, Jorgenson proudly wears his Dallas Cowboy Jersey.

“Ha! family tradition so…it’s America’s team,” Jorgenson said.

All business that comes through the doors means more money for the VFW to operate and helps veterans in the community.

Jorgenson says the game brings in a wide crowd of people and the doors are always open for people to join.

“The VFW kind of have this stigma of just the old bingo parlor, ya know Grandma’s basement paneling and eldery people but that’s not what it is anymore you know there is a lot of veterans my age with young families that can come here now,” Jorgenson said.

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