LIVE: Superbowl Hits and Misses

We've tapped the MVP of advertising in the region to break down who scored in Superbowl ads.

They’re some of the spendiest, splashiest ads we’ll see all year… and in some cases, for years to come.

Super Bowl ads are a multi-billion dollar industry that can, when well-crafted, have a major influence on not just America’s pocketbooks, but America’s cultural dialogue as well.

This year’s  lineup is no exception.

From the soft-sell emotional impact of Google’s “Loretta,” to Budweiser once again channeling the tried-and-true crowd favorite of the “Typical American,” to Sam Elliot schooling Lil Nas X in moves and mustaches in the Cool Ranch Doritos spot, here are the top hits from this year’s Super Bowl Ad lineup.

And then there are the near-misses, the total whiffs and the frankly mystifying.

Marketing agency Flint Group’s Aaron Simmons’ sat down live in studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker and Adam Ladwig to talk about which ads are going viral and which are just going home after the big game.

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