LIVE: Comic-Con to the Rescue

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a bigger and better place to score all things comics than ever before in the metro!

Comic-Con is here to save the day. Maybe even the whole weekend.

Starting Saturday, the comics convention celebrates ten years in the Fargo metro area.

In that time, organizers say, it’s gone from a small venue for the niche of devoted comics fans, to a major draw for families in the region.

That’s in part due to the mainstream appeal of the Marvel and DC comics films that’s grown over the past decade to surpass the Star Wars franchise at the box office.

It’s also because kids who grew up as comics fans are now adults who’ve produced their own little comics-fans offspring.

Comic-Con founder Tony Tilton joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker for a live in-studio interview about what’s new and different at this year’s convention, and the surprising educational benefit comics can have on kids’s reading skills.

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