LIVE: Sled Dog Racing

Run with the big dogs -- and us, as we learn what it takes to build canine and human cooperation.

It’s one of the oldest known means of transportation, and it may be one of the best-suited to our harsh and snowy winter terrain.

It’s dogsled racing, and the mushers and their elite racing dog athletes combine genetic gifts, wit, cooperation and companionship to create a spectacle that’s as exciting as it is beautiful.

Sabin, Minnesota musher Jasmyn Hatlestad introduced the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to her team of huskies for an early-morning run through South Fargo’s Lindenwood Park.

And as Hartlestad explains, it’s not just hitching up your dog and heading out for a jog. There’s quite a bit more to it than that, from evaluating whether your dog’s build and disposition makes them a better lead, wheel or spin position runner, to getting them hooked up with the right canine partner, to getting them acclimated to the sled.

Learn all about the inner workings of this amazing sport and get her best tips on introducing yourself and your dog to the fascinating world of dogsled racing.


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