Barnesville Celebrates Leap Year With A Frog-Themed Party

The kids took part in some friendly competitions

FARGO, N.D- Once a year, the museum brings out all kinds of crazy hair colors, gels, and pipe cleaners for kids to wear on their hair.

The hairstyles that they see the most are ponytails with rainbow colors and pipe cleaners curled on the hair.

They also say green and purple are the most popular colors.

For the museum, it’s important to do activities for kids and families where everyone can participate.

“You can just come over on a Saturday and enjoy each other as a family. That’s what people like to do. There was a mother and son just having a date earlier, so it’s just family time,” says Jessica Rustebakke, the Weekend Manager at Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm.

Over 50 kids stopped by the museum to get a fun hairstyle.

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