Chahinkapa Zoo’s Bengal Tiger, Hobbes, Passes Away

Hobbes Chahinkapa Zoo

WAHPETON, N.D.–The Chahinkapa Zoo announced that their Bengal tiger, Hobbes, passed away on Tuesday.

Hobbes would have turned 17 on March 30. Neena, Hobbe’s sister passed away in 2019.

The zoo posted a tribute to Hobbes on its Facebook page.

“Hobbes, our dear Bengal tiger passed away today, March 3, 2020.
Through the years Neena and Hobbes delighted and thrilled over a million visitors! Neena passed away in 2019. Both Neena and Hobbes were elder cats. A histology exam is pending, but Hobbes was in good health otherwise.
Hobbes was as popular as his sister. Perhaps it was his regal beauty or more probable it was his personality which was even larger than his stature. In any case he connected with the staff and appeared to do same with zoo visitors. It is hard to imagine that this 550 pound adult was only 20 pounds when we picked him up from Mickey Ollsen at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona. I held him in my arms and his older sister, Neena was only 7 months old riding comfortably in her kennel to North Dakota. They received excellent care from the zoo keepers and veterinarians and we are thankful for the time they were with us. Rest in Peace old friend. You will be missed.”

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