LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Callisto

Callisto's a cuddler who wants to be your one true love.

Callisto is a girl’s name that means “most beautiful,” and whomever named this dog was sure on to something.

With her fetching ear spots, a charming patch over one eye just like Petey the Pup from the Little Rascals, and sweet smile, she’s one of the prettiest American bulldog crosses you’ll ever come across.

She came to Homeward Animal Shelter from a shelter in Minot that was experiencing overflow.

The two-year-old dog loves all kinds of people, but she does not get along with other dogs or with cats.

That means if you want to adopt her, she’ll need to be the only pet in your home.

Callisto joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker along with Homeward’s Heather Klefstad to talk about why this pooch’s personality is just as pretty as her face, and what you can expect if you bring her home.

For more information on adopting Callisto:

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