How We’re Handling Social Distancing In The Valley

Sharing Ideas On How To Get Through Social Distancing


Social Distancing.

That’s the buzzword everyone is using. All it means is limiting interactions with people to help slow the spread of COVID-19. That means a lot of us are choosing to stay home. So I’m sharing some ideas on how we’re managing Social Distancing. Maybe you’ll get a few ideas from it. I hope I do.

This weekend I watched documentaries about bears, including this one on Netflix called Beary Tales about a wildlife photographer who rescues a pair of abandoned cubs and raises them.

It’s an adorable story about bears getting through a tough situation. I’m sure we can all relate right now.

I wanted some more ideas on how to spend more time at home, so I asked you guys on Facebook and Twitter.

Barb has a good thing going. She writes “I quarantined my self indoors because of my compromised health. Feel great and spending time with my furry friend Mocha.”

Mocha looks like a good buddy to hunker down with.

John’s got a streaming option for us. He says “We started binge-watching the 1st season of Longmire on Netflix”.

Longmire looks like a western if you’re into that sort of thing. He’s also remodeling a bathroom in his house. That’s a productive use of time right there.

Our buddy Travis is also being productive at home, writing, “Working from home and consulting with my pup on Graffix”.

Graffix is design software. Hopefully his pup us coming up with some cool designs.

Let us know how you’re handling social distancing. We could all use some good ideas! I’ll keep sharing my social distancing ideas on the morning show along with yours so we can all have some fun as we get through this.

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