Social Distancing: Testing Out My Mask Hack

Will My Mask Hack Hack It And Keep Me Safe?


We’ve been talking masks a lot as a way to protect yourself when you have to go out.
I showed you my homemade mask yesterday.

Mask Final 2

Quick and easy if you don’t have a mask already. All you need is a t-shirt, pair of scissors and elastic band from an old pair or shorts. I posted the instructions on the morning show page on

And it got a few of you talking.

Marv sent in a suggestion if you don’t have a proper mask. He says use neck warmers. He adds they can be pulled up over your face at any time since it is conveniently around your neck and will cover everything needed covering. He says it works for him.

Not a bad idea. Just don’t keep pulling it off and on when you’re out. The idea is to put it on and keep it on.

Kirsten want to make sure any mask you wear is thick enough to protect you. She suggests to “Make sure you can’t blow a candle out when you have it on.”
I liked that idea so much I tried it out.

I think the mask is good then, unless I’m going around huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf in front of a pig’s house. Thanks for the suggestion.

Of course you guys are always coming up with ways to be safer during the pandemic.

Michael sent in a pic.
Normally he needs a ride to get to medical appointments. But he said yesterday “I’m having an MRI this morning I’m taking my 3 wheeler to appointment due social distancing.”
He says it was a cold ride, but fun.
Thanks for being safe Michael, and hopefully the rides will get warmer soon.

Tell us how you’re being safe during the age of social distancing.
Message or comment on Facebook or on Twitter.
Maybe you can give some other people a few good ideas.

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