Social Distancing: Supporting Local Favorites

Viewers Are Telling Us The Businesses They're Supporting During COVID-19


On Monday we asked you to highlight your favorite local places who are still offering takeout or delivery. A lot of restaurants are struggling right now, and we can still help them out while staying safe.

Jason told us about one of his favorites on Twitter. He says, “I live here in Fergus Falls. The small restaurant that I support is Don Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant. That’s a family owned [restaurant], everything is made from scratch, and the food is amazing!”

Thanks, Jason. The restaurant has been in Fergus Falls for 16 years according to their Facebook page. It looks like they’ll feed your entire family with that platter. I’m getting hungry just looking at it, and they say they’ll bring the food right to your car so you don’t even have to get out.

Let us know what local businesses you’re supporting right now. Do you have any recommendations! Let us know your favorites, and why you love them so much.
We’ll give them a shout out and hopefully help keep our local businesses going strong.

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