Social Distancing: Winter Weather & Spring Rebirth

We Can Complain About The Snow While Celebrating Signs Of Spring At The Same Time


Social distancing isn’t stopping us from doing one of our favorite things here in the upper Midwest: complaining about the weather.

It’s late April, and we’re still dealing with this nonsense.

Look at the temperatures from 2:30 Tuesday afternoon. We were freezing here in Fargo. And Bismarck was enjoying the 70’s? What the heck?

Weather people on social media were calling it unfair. Even when we’re social distancing and supposed to be staying close to home, the weather is annoying.

The snow caught me off guard. I had just started my run when the flakes started flying, so I ended up running almost an hour with snow hitting my face, not to mention a breeze that wasn’t much fun.
But here’s the flip side. It is supposed to warm up a lot for the rest of the week, and it is spring, which is the season of rebirth.

And that means babies! My friend Jess is sharing updates on her growing flock of goslings. They just started hatching Tuesday, and they’re the cutest little fluffballs. And just listen to those chirps. They are precious. Even among these uncertain times, the circle of life carries on, and it’s cute as heck.

Cute animal videos are a surefire way to lift spirits during this crisis. We’ve got baby geese. Let’s see your adorable animal friends!

Send me your videos on Facebook and Twitter! show us how you’re getting by social distancing with your pets. Trust me, it’ll make us all feel a lot better.

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