Social Distancing: Puppuccinos & Sushi

Here's How We're Handling Living In The Age Of Social Distancing


Cute animals always help. And we need some help every now and then. We asked you guys to send in clips of how you’re spending social distance time with your animals.

Anna sent in this short clip. She took her dogs to try their very first puppuccinos at Starbucks this week. They look like they can’t wait to start diggin’ in. Anna said she tried to get them to pose for a nice pic to mark the occasion, but there were treats to be had, so they weren’t having any of the picture nonsense.
Thanks, Anna. Your dogs are a treat for us all.

We’re also asking you guys to tell us which restaurants you’re supporting during this pandemic.

Emily Beierle is longing for some sushi this morning. She loves Izumi, and she says their social media game is on point during this pandemic. There they are showing her some love.
And Izumi is still doing takeout and deliver through all the usual apps and delivery services. Too bad you can’t do the all-you-can-eat.

Let us know how you’re handling social distancing! How are your pets handling it? How are you trying to make it more fun? We can all use some tips. Send them on over through Facebook and Twitter.

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