Vergas Community Comes Together For Parade Of Hope

The parade is meant to bring smiles to people's faces sending a message that we are all in this together.

VERGAS, Minn. — At the Parade Of Hope people across the community are coming together in the wake of multiple weeks of shutdown due to the Coronavirus.

The parade is meant to bring smiles to people’s faces sending a message that we are all in this together.

“Ya know being cooped up in your house not being able to go anywhere, ya it’s definitely a change but it’s things like this that does bring us together and it does help us get through it,” Vergas Fire Department Tyler Schmid said.

Schmid says being apart of this community means a lot to him and he’s amazed at how many people are coming out to watch and wave them by.

“Oh ya we are a tight knit group basically are town is basically like a big family, when one’s in we are all in,” Schmid said.

For parade organizers this is also a time to highlight positive things coming up in the Summer like Loony Days that have a new theme this year.

“The theme is Loony Days we just don’t quit dot dot dot and you can add anything you want at the end of it we just don’t quit celebrating we just don’t quit gathering with family, we just don’t quit having festivals,” Vergas Community Club Parade Of Hope organizer Sherri Hanson said.

Hanson says she’s hopefully once everything begins to reopen that the community will work together to rebuild and support on another.

“That people are going to go in and say i’m going to shop local, I’m going to local businesses and I am going to support community,”Hanson said.

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