Sanford Health Plan Offers Ways To Manage Health Insurance After Job Loss Or Transition

They say during these difficult times it is especially important to know what are your options.

FARGO, N.D.- The first thing they want you to look at is if there are any options to continue the insurance with your past employer.

Another possibility is seeing if COBRA coverage is an option.

That is something the government requires employers to offer after someone’s laid off or terminated from the job.

“The Pros of that are that a lot of times your deductibles, your accumulators that you have done, kind of roll with the insurance, so you still have that credit that you’ve had historically, the con is that it’s usually a little bit more expensive,” says John Snyder, the President of Sanford Health Plan.

An alternative for people who are 26 or younger is to be covered by their parent’s health plan.

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