Pet Connection: Three Pets For The Price Of One

Kritter Krazy Exotic Rescue Brings Us THREE Pets Who Need Homes


Tasha Gorentz with Kritter Krazy Exotic Pet Rescue has three pets who need homes this week.

We meet Willow the guinea pig, who is just one of a whole bunch of guinea pigs she has rescued this year.

Sanctuary is a leopard gecko who came to the rescue from Minneapolis. He’s been with the rescue for about a month and a half.

Then, Nadia the iguana has decided she is queen of the castle and claimed the couch arm as her throne.

Her owner abandoned her with a roommate and hasn’t seen her in over two months!

Plus, an update on last week’s pet.
Boots the chihuahua mix is a love bug and still available for adoption from Journey Home Rescue in Grand Forks.
Boots is an older fella. 14 years old to be exact.
And he does suffer from congestive heart failure, but he takes his medicine like a champ and isn’t letting it hold him back.

Click here to learn more about Boots.

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