Social Distancing: Turkeys Gone Wild

Plus, More Local Art Honoring Health Care Workers


I’ve really valued my afternoon runs during this pandemic. It’s a chance to forget all the doom and gloom headlines, get some fresh air, and stay fit in a way that’s pretty easy to maintain social distancing.
Unless you run across a gang of these hooligans.

I see a lot of turkeys when I run, but this was the weirdest encounter I’ve ever had. There’s a whole flock of these guys just going crazy over by the Prairie Home cemetery in Moorhead. I don’t know if they’re going stir crazy like a lot of us are, or what.

It looks like they’re sniping at each other. Some of them a jumping around and getting kind of aggressive.
I threw the video on Facebook and one commenter wondered if they got word of a meat shortage and started freaking out.
I’m just glad I didn’t get close enough for them to start paying attention to me.
They eventually ran off, which made me kind of sad, because it looked like they were leaving two guys behind.

A couple of male turkeys were stuck on the other side of the fence inside the cemetery. That’s kind of a bleak place to get trapped. Hopefully they found out the fence doesn’t go completely around the place. I mean, they had to get in somehow. Because the last thing you want is to feel left behind right now, whether you’re a turkey or a person.


A Moorhead artist we introduced you to last week is making sure health care workers know they’re not alone in the COVID-19 fight this morning.

Kim Jore is on a mission to draw 10 chalk designs outside local businesses in Moorhead, one each week.
We met her last week on the morning show, then did a feature on her fourth piece. Her work is impressively detailed, especially for chalk.

Now she has her fifth work to show off. She’s honoring health care workers by highlighting their bravery and the hope they bring during this crisis. The piece is at the Walgreens in south Moorhead on 8th Street just south of the interstate. It can’t be easy topping this, but Jore is only half-way through her project. If you want to go check this one out, hurry. Chalk is beautiful, but it’s also fleeting, especially if there’s rain in the forecast.

We’d love to see your social distancing plans and ideas. Brushing up on your art skills is a great way to spend a few hours. If you’ve learned to paint or play an instrument, let us know! We’d love to see it and share it.
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