Coronavirus hospitalizations in Fargo stay steady

This is due to health officials saying coronavirus hospitalizations have remained consistent.

FARGO, N.D. Sanford and Essentia Health have seen a steady number of hospitalized patients even though cases continue to increase in Cass County.

‘We’re caring for 42 patients at our hospital who have tested positive for COVID-19. That remains a very similar number that we’ve had over the last two weeks,”says Medical Officer at Sanford, Dr. Doug Griffin.

“We’ve been stable with our hospitalized volumes around five to ten over the last three to four weeks. We see some variability up and down, but it’s been pretty consistent in that five to ten per week,” says Chief Medical Officer, Essentia Health Dr. Rich Vetter

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says the numbers are promising.

“What we’re finding even locally, it seems to have plateaued both at Sanford and Essentia, so they’re staying at the same numbers. So, that’s great because what it tells us is that this disease is not continuing to decline and won’t maximize our medical facilities,” he says.

Because of this, Mayor Mahoney has decided to take down the cots at the Fargodome that were put up in case there was an overflow in hospitals.

Sanford has started loosening visitor restrictions.

“Beginning today at 8am, we are allowing one visitor per patient during visitor hours of 8am to 8pm daily, for all areas except our designated COVID-19 units,” Dr. Griffin says.

The hospital says they have also seen more patients in their emergency department with injuries from abuse or conflict.

“We know not everyone has a safe home environment in this pandemic. This situation can increase stress, anxiety and behavioral health issues. Please if you’re experiencing this type of situation reach out. If you’re an immediate danger to yourself or others, call 911,” Dr. Griffin adds.

Mayor Mahoney also says that it’s important to mention that in Cass County 57% of the people have recovered from COVID-19, and through the state 63% of the people have recovered.

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