Roads Are Not Expected To Be Too Busy During Memorial Weekend

COVID-19 has impacted the travels of many who were hoping to celebrate with family and friends.

NORTH DAKOTA & MINNESOTA – Despite COVID-19, The Minnesota State Patrol is expecting a high travel rate during memorial weekend.

“When you look at statistics overall, memorial weekend is a very busy travel weekend and you know, despite everything that’s going on right now in the world, will there be more traffic? I think potentially there will be and it’s what you got to prepare for,” says Sgt. Jesse Grabow, from the Minnesota State Patrol.

AAA says due to the pandemic, the roads are not going to be as busy as they were anticipating.

“Last year was the second busiest travel on record for the holiday with about 43 with about 43 million Americans travelling. It looked like we could’ve broken the record, which was 44 million back in 2005. But now we’re talking about fewer than 31 million. A record low from our forecasting,” says AAA spokeperson Gene LaDoucer.

They say people are going to mostly be staying home, and if they have plans to travel, it’s not going to be long distances.

“A lot of people are taking those recommendations seriously as they should, but also about 25% of the population is unemployed. They may not have the money to do a lot of travel, they may be worried about paying their rent, their utility bill, those types of things,” LaDoucer says.

Whether roads are busy or not, the Minnesota State Patrol says they will be on the lookout for impaired drivers.

“When we put the information out, this is a big part of letting folks know hey, we’re out and about. It’s never about the tickets we give or the arrests we make, and that’s why we try to be proactive and let people know hey make smart choices when you get in the car,” Grabow says.

For the first time in 20 years, AAA will not issue a Memorial Day Travel Forecast as the economic data used to create the projections has been undermined by the Coronavirus.

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