JROTC Cadets Are Honored In Small Graduation at Fargo South High School

The 11 graduating students are from North, South, Davies and West Fargo High School.

FARGO, N.D,-  “I was expecting my graduation to look exactly like that. You know, at the dome, sitting down having everybody. Unfortunately, we had to do it differently this year.”

The last four years have been a rollercoaster for Jaeger Jensen, a Senior cadet graduating from the JROTC program.

“My father left. He moved to California and it just really made me wanna be part of this program because it’s kind of like a second family to me and it’s just somewhere I can go and be part of and feel part of,” Jensen says.

Jensen will join the Air Force after graduation.

Having this ceremony feels like a closure of one chapter and the start of a new one.

And watching it all happen from the sidelines is his biggest supporter: His mom.

“She’s helped me a lot through the past four years in this program and she’s been supportive of me. And it just means a lot that she’s going to skip out on work to come here and watch it,” Jensen adds.

The initial plan was to keep the ceremony small, but then they thought that it just didn’t feel right.

“We initially had a video, but then we thought, well, the Seniors deserve something a little bit more special, so we talked to our administration and kind of brainstormed. Initially, it was going to be a private ceremony with just the 11 Seniors and then we decided to open it up and allow other cadets and parents to come,” Steven Muhs, the Senior Aerospace Instructor of the Air Force JROTC Program says.

One of the cadets in attendance is Brandi Schaff, a junior taking on a big role next year.

“I’m the upcoming squadron commander, so I’ll be taking over as the squadron commander. So, I’ll have all the new duties,” Schaff says.

The graduation was a bit bittersweet moment, because someone close to her was no longer going to be returning next year.

“My best friend Danielle. We used to eat breakfast together, lunch, talk, hang-out. I’m really gonna miss her,” she adds.

The students received a shadow box and were also recognized for other awards they received throughout the year.

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