Mass COVID-19 Testing Over Memorial Weekend At Moorhead Armory

The testing results are expected to take between 2 to 3 days to come back after the weekend

MOORHEAD, Minn. — At the Moorhead Armory, the National Guard is collecting information and getting people in line for COVID-19 testing.

The Guard expects to get through hundreds of tests at the Moorhead site and up to 7 thousand across the state through the weekend.

National Guard Major Scott Hawks says it’s all about accessibility, as anyone can walk in and get tested without any insurance or conditions required.

“It really provides people with the ability and the tools to come in and get tested, and now that the supplies are in Minnesota we want people to have the assurance and confidence that they can get tested and know that they don’t have the virus.”

At each station, people are waiting in line 6 feet apart and wearing masks.

The process is meant to be both efficient and safe for those walking in and out.

“It’s all designed to make sure everyone who comes in isn’t exposed by anybody else who is here. That includes decontmainting tables after each person comes through to fill out paperwork at each testing site.”

The staff conducting testing are trained by the Minnesota Department of Health and are medical professionals.

Major Hawks says the guard is collecting phone numbers so the State can keep in contact once the test results are returned.

He says with the strong turnout at all testing sites, the Department of Health may look at providing more mass testings in the future.

“So those are the supplies we are given this weekend and if we run beyond that there is always a possibility to request more supplies but those are supplies distributed by the Minnesota Department Of Health.”

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