Clay County Public Health stresses importance of continuing to wear masks

CLAY COUNTY, Minn. — As more restrictions get lifted and people adjust to a new norm, those at Clay County Public Health say it’s important to remain cautious of the coronavirus.

Clay County Public Health Nurse Cheryl Sapp says continuing to wear a mask in public is the best line of defense against COVID-19.

It’s also just as important to constantly sanitize and wash your hands as opposed to wearing gloves to avoid cross contamination.

When wearing a mask, it’s critical that you keep it clean and wash it regularly.

Pointing to her own face mask, Sapp says, “You want to launder this, and then you want to dry it in high heat. And then, you can either dry it that way or else you can hang it up and let it air dry as well, but it is important that you don’t use the same mask for an entire month.”

She also recommends to continue staying home as much as possible.

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