State Sen. Kent Eken votes against Gov. Walz keeping Covid-19 Emergency Powers

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Legislature is in special session and they’re tackling big issues like coronavirus response and police reform.

State Sen. Kent Eken of Twin Valley was one of three Democrats to join Republicans in voting to end Governor Tim Walz’s emergency powers for coronavirus response.

The Democrat controlled House struck down the measure allowing the governor to keep the powers.

Some DFLers say it’s too dangerous to end the governor’s ability to respond to an uncertain virus.

Eken argues the Legislature should have the power to renew the governor’s peacetime powers after 30 days.

Republican State Sen. Mark Johnson of East Grand Forks says the law on peacetime emergencies say they can happen if cities and hospitals have inadequate supplies. He argues Walz had enough time to get enough supplies with the $550 million the Legislature allocated for that reason.

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