Black Lives Matter meets with city leaders and police

The group would not reveal details about what was discussed, but says the meeting was positive and change is coming.

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo city leaders, police and members of Black Lives Matter took another step towards trying to improve relations.

Members of all three parties met for nearly two hours at the mayor’s office for a meeting that was set up by Mayor Tim Mahoney.

While no details were given of the specifics of what was discussed in the meeting, a member of Black Lives Matter said it was positive and that she is confident changes will be coming.

It was also made clear OneFargo was not involved in the day’s discussion.

“This is Black Lives Matter and we have moved on,” said Black Lives Matter leader, Faith Dixon. “We support Wess and the OneFargo group, but this was just Black Lives Matter and some city officials.”

Mayor Tim Mahoney had no comment when asked for his thoughts after the meeting.

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