Travel picking up despite COVID-19 spikes in some states

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Despite COVID-19 spikes in some states, a local travel agent says business has been picking up slightly with more people taking trips.

Tod Ganje with Travel Incorporated in Moorhead says the main reasons people are traveling again are to see family and for business.

He says more people are planning their vacation trips in advance for the fall and into 2021.

Ganje says there hasn’t been much travel from the metro into states that have seen more cases recently, like Arizona, California and Texas.

He says, “Our recommendation is if you think that you’re going to go on a trip and you’re going to have a horrible time because you’re going to be worried about something, don’t go in that case.”

He recommends those who do choose to travel to take precautions like wearing face masks and washing your hands regularly.

He adds that keeping yourself informed and planning ahead are key when traveling during these circumstances.

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