LIVE: Bee Hunt with Longspur Prairie Fund

Bee excited! The sixth annual Bee Hunt is coming up and it's bigger than ever!

It’s National Pollinator Week, and it ‘s going to be a “bee-autiful” weekend in the region –perfect for going on a bee hunt.

But in this hunt, you shoot with a camera.

The sixth annual Bee Hunt with the Longspur Prairie Fund is happening Saturday in Ulen, Minnesota.

Activists with the LPF say the bee hunt draws bigger and bigger crowds every year, as more and more families here discover it’s a great way to see and learn about the beauty and diversity of the prairie ecosystem.

Bees are an important part of it, since among other things, they perform the critical task of pollinating food crops that we and other animals need to eat.

Plus, bees are fun to watch.

LPF’s Peter Schultz joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker at the Rourke Art Museum’s micro-prairie garden to show us why bees are worth watching, and how, if you can’t make it out for this weekend’s bee hunt, you can easily build a bee-friendly habitat in your own yard.

Tickets are free, but organizers say you should still sign up in advance.
Remember to wear long sleeves and pants, a hat, mask and sunscreen and bug spray for protection, and bring water and a camera or cell phone to take pictures.
And don’t forget to share them with us! We may show them on the air to let all our viewers know just how busy a bee YOU were were this weekend.
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