Social Distancing: More Puzzling Developments

A Pandemic Can Make You Do Things You Never Thought You'd Do Before


Life is different right now. Life is weird. A lot of us are acting in ways we never have before, wearing masks to get groceries, sanitizing everything all the time. The pandemic and social distancing are also giving us chances to try new things that would have sounded crazy just a few months ago.

It’s a necessity for some people. People are starting new businesses because they lost their income streams. We showed you a school music teacher who revived the singing telegram on Monday to make ends meet.
The change also stretched to recreation. I’ve been doing things that I’ve never done before. But sitting at home after work every day gives you some extra time.

During the segment I’ve been sharing my new hobbies as we adjust to COVID-19. I randomly started working on puzzles. I bought this insanely difficult bear-shaped puzzle and spent two and a half weeks painstakingly putting pieces that are mostly the same color all together.
But I finished it, and I became the type of person I never thought I would.

I became the person who actually frames a puzzle to hang on the wall. I would have told you this was a ridiculous idea just a month ago. But I glued this sucker together and assembled the frame Monday. I’m actually proud of what I accomplished. Plus, I named the bear Covid as a reminder of what led to this existing.

We did not plan this, but my mom also framed a puzzle Monday. She went even further into puzzle madness. That’s a custom puzzle she ordered of a photo she took when my parents went to Europe last year. It’s actually pretty nice that I have something new in common with my mom to talk about too.

So, I don’t know. Maybe puzzles make me a better person. They definitely make me a more centered person. It’s a great escape from the stress of life in general right now. How is the pandemic changing your life in ways you never expected? I’m genuinely curious to find out.
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