LIVE: Destruction in Dalton after Tornado rips through rural area

DALTON, MN – Our region was slammed with severe weather yesterday, and in Dalton, it was a truly scary experience for the residents here.

For about 30 minutes just after 5:00 p.m last evening, a tornado ripped its way across the fields out here and left a path of damage in it’s wake.

KVRR confirmed with the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s office that unfortunately, one person has died and two have undisclosed injuries as a result of the tornado.

According to an early report from KFGO this morning, the man killed by this tornado was doing work in a shop when the tornado struck.

We had an opportunity to survey the damage, and in some of our footage you can see the flattened shop that the man was in.

Officials have not yet confirmed the identity of the man.

This area is mostly open farmland, but there are still some homes and buildings and a lot of those were damaged in the path.

The damage includes roofs torn off, a car ending up in a home’s basement, wires down and pieces of semis picked up and left scattered around in fields.

We spoke with several neighbors who described the tornado.

One person who witnessed the tornado said this was unlike anything he had seen before.

Other people mentioned how eerily quiet this tornado was compared to tornadoes they had been through in the past.

Another person mentioned that the tornado had destroyed their photography studio and stranded them at home.

The Sheriff Department finished conducting a search of the area last night, and so far there are no reports of anyone missing.

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