Pet Connection: Meet Gami

Gami Is A Looker Looking For A Home To Call His Own


We have a cat with a big personality who loves to be the center of attention.

So let’s give him some attention right now. Meet Gami from Journey Home Animal Rescue in Grand Forks.

Gami is a three-year-old make cat. He has a beautiful black and white coat. He would love to be the only cat in your home.

He’ll follow you around and wants loves being petted. He’s not crazy about getting picked up, but he is very in tune with people and can pick up on emotion.

He does have a hairball issue, but had medicated food for that.

Click here for more information on Gami.

Also, Things are looking up for Louis and Alfredo. The spunky chinchillas were our first ever Pet Connection Chinchillas. They joined us last week from Hawkes Homestead Animal Rescue all the way in New Rockford.

While they don’t have a home yet, they’re going to a trial home next week with someone who already has a chinchilla for them to play with. We wish you guys the best and hope you find a permanent home.


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