Fargo requests North Dakota Attorney General’s Office investigation into former Deputy Chief’s actions

The Attorney General has been requested to refer the matter to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.
Osmundson Todd Deputy Chief

FARGO, N.D.–The City of Fargo has requested the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office conduct its own investigation into former Deputy Chief Todd Osmundon’s actions during the George Floyd protest and riot on May 30.

The Fargo Police Department provided all applicable information to the Fargo City Attorney’s Office which then sent the materials to the Attorney General’s Office.

The Attorney General has been requested to refer the matter to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation which can conduct the investigation in the matter it deems appropriate.

Mayor Tim Mahoney said, “In these unprecedented and difficult times in our nation, Chief Todd, the City Attorney’s Office and I felt it was important to request this independent review and investigation to eradicate any potential remaining questions by members of our community regarding Osmundson’s actions. While we feel there is a lack of sufficient evidence to charge Osmundson, this review will ensure an additional thorough review into the matter.”

The City of Fargo and the Fargo Police Department say they will offer no additional comments until the BCI investigation is complete.

In light of the new investigation, OneFargo released a statement saying, “OneFargo is elated to hear the news that the City of Fargo and Chief Todd have finally taken the steps of allowing an independent review of Osmundson’s actions on, May 30th. We also understand that the different bodies of the system work in tandem to protect and serve one another. Time and time again, independent reviews from our government have only validated incorrect conclusions, including in the case of Elijah McClain, whose life we will be remembering today. It will now be our duty to make sure that the independent review is just, and also transparent.”

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