No Mask Mandate Is Being Ordered In North Dakota

Burgum Masks

BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum says there will not be a mask mandate in the state.

He says he will leave it up to individual businesses and schools to decide whether to require masks or not.

“It doesn’t affect you if somebody else wears a mask it actually helps you if somebody else wears a mask,” the Republican Burgum said.

“So if you’re someone that can’t wear a mask for whatever reason just join in the chorus of thanking people who are and have empathy to understand they may have a reason: a family member, a child someone else they are in close working conditions at work.”

Burgum sharing examples of what wearing a mask can do for others.

It can help stop the spread of any germs if you sneeze or cough.

Masked air particles have been found to travel just 3% of the distance compared to an uncovered cough.

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