Minnesota Governor announces state’s learning plan for 2020-21 school year

Gov. Tim Walz to announce state's back-to-school plan

Gov. Tim Walz announcing the state’s learning plan for the upcoming 2020-21 school year in Minnesota. https://bit.ly/3105oZDGov.

Posted by Fox 9 on Thursday, July 30, 2020


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Minnesota state officials on Thursday unveiled a plan to reopen schools this fall that gives districts some flexibility to toggle between in-person and online learning.

But they reserved the right for the state to step in if the coronavirus gets out of control in a particular district.

Gov. Tim Walz acknowledged the importance of schools and the value of in-person learning, but said the state’s top priority is safety.

Districts will work with the state Health and Education departments to determine whether to use in-person instruction, online learning or a hybrid model.

They will have the ability to become more or less restrictive depending on the virus.

In anticipation, in recent days, school districts around the Twin Cities area have come out with preliminary plans for what the fall could look like.

While nothing is final, Minnetonka Public Schools is weighing seven different scenarios.

In Eden Prairie, one option looks like a pyramid, with Kindergarten through Third Grade going back for in-person five days a week, fourth through eighth grade hybrid and high schoolers learning at a distance.

Next door in Edina, there are again multiple, preliminary hybrid options being considered including one sending elementary students to school for half days every day, or having students at all age levels alternate each day between face-to-face and distance.

Mom and teacher Beth Gale things there is going to be anger. She has a high school sophomore and is an elementary art teacher in Shakopee and she’s just eager for a decision. Her district, however, is not planning to finalize a plan until Aug. 17.

“I’m really hoping I don’t have to do both distance learning and in-person at the same time, because that’s double the work and I have close to 700 students I see a week,” said Gale.

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