Pet Connection: Meet Bauer

Bauer Is A Goldendoodle Dressed To Impress


This week’s pet is from one of the most popular breeds of recent years. And he’s got the adorable look and good temperament that would fit right in with a lot of families.

Meet Bauer! He joins us this week from the Uffda Fund for Animals Rescue in Cando, North Dakota.

He’s a 4-year-old neutered male Goldendoodle.

He has a loving personality, gets along with most dogs and loves kids. He’s just not sure about cats yer.

He’s a big boy, nearly 100 pounds. But he loves to play fetch, so he would go best in a home with a large yard, or even a farm.

He’s good on or off the leash.

If you want more information about Bauer, you can contact the Uffda Fund for Animals by clicking here.

Jinxy loves to be the center of attention, and last week’s Pet Connection pet still needs a home to be the center of attention at.
He’s a year-and-a-half old former stray who came to the Humane Society of the Lakes.

Shelby, who shared Jinxy with us last week, says she wishes she could adopt him herself, if only her current cat wasn’t such a diva.
But her loss could be your gain.
Click here to learn more about Jinxy.

And check this out. You won’t only be getting a cat with Jinxy, you’ll be getting an artist.

Jinxy Painting

This is an original Jinxy painting he made Wednesday.

The Humane Society of the Lakes says they have their animals paint often with non-toxic paints. And it looks like Jinxy even signed it. No word if the painting comes with the kitty.

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