Dorothy Day Food Pantry Unveils New Mosaic

The piece is located in the main lobby of the pantry named after Day.

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Dorothy Day Food Pantry is adding a new mosaic of the social activist.

The piece is located in the main lobby.

The artwork was designed by Pastor Joe Larson of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

He says the work is meant to honor the work of everyone involved with the food pantry.

The piece took over 400 hours to craft with roughly 10 thousand pieces of tile.

The words “We Plant The Seeds That Flower In Our Lives” engraved on the mosaic represent how every contribution matters.

“Those seeds grow and flourish and someday bloom. So every little good thing we do can make a difference in somebody else’s life,” St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Pastor Joe Larson said.

Larson’s next piece will be at Micah’s Mission in Moorhead.

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