LIVE: FM Pride Week 2020

Turning rain into rainbows may never have meant so much.

You’ve been seeing the rainbows, but not the crowds.

F-M Pride Week is wrapping up Sunday with a couple more online events to bring in the F-M LGBTQ community and their friends and family closer together, social-distancing style.

Organizers say with Pride Week being held entirely online this year, they’re seeing a lot of reminiscing going on.

Happy memories like the one in the above picture from last year’s parade are helping them get through this year’s necessary isolation.

Unity and companionship is critical in the LGBTQ community, perhaps even more so than some other demographic groups.

That’s because when they come out of the closet, many members can face familial and friend-group rejection, loss of income, and loss of jobs, according to activists.

The F-M Pride Collective’s Christina Lindseth joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live via Zoom to talk about how they’re working to keep folks together while staying safely apart during a pandemic pride week.

And if you’re looking to connect, Pride Week continues this weekend.

Check out the link for details.

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