Rep. Collin Peterson Receives Award For Economic And Job Growth

259 other members of Congress also received the award.

UNITED STATES – Congressman Collin Peterson receives U.S Chamber of Commerce’s Spirit of Enterprise Award.

It is given annually to those who continuously work toward creating jobs and economic growth.

“I try to look at issues based on what’s good for my district. You know, I think that’s my job. My job is representative. It’s not to be a partisan of one party or the other is to represent the people of my district,” Rep. Peterson said.

During a virtual event with the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce, Peterson voiced his concerns about government spending using the stimulus and unemployment checks as an example.

“We cannot afford to keep piling on this debt. You know, and doing things that I think are really questionable. Including giving people $1,200 a month, $1,200 checks. The $600 unemployment. This is ridiculous. And that’s gotta go. I mean, that’s more than the take home pay in my district for most people,” Peterson said.

Instead he says, we should use the money to help industries that are having to shut down because of the impact of COVID-19.

“We need to have money for the hog industry, the turkey industry. They had to depopulate. We have help for the ethanol industry.”

Peterson also briefly spoke about the election saying he feels confident he will defeat former Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach, but will continue to work hard until the very end.

“I got tremendous support from the agriculture community. Which frankly are mostly Republicans, but because of my work, they’re backing us, and they’ve set up a super pac.”

Paola Belloso, KVRR Local News.

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